Tier 1 Procurement


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Tier 1 Procurement provides interesting and rewarding career opportunities to the global procurement talent pool, and delivers the highest quality candidates to dynamic employers.


We understand that switching roles can be a highly stressful process. Tier 1 Procurement does as much as possible to be pro-active with your career move to allay any stress.


Our organisation looks for your ideal move ahead of you necessarily being available for work. This allows us to match more closely to your ideal requirements to advance your career.


We thoroughly review your requirements/experience and tailor an individual action plan accordingly.

Tier 1 Procurement aims for a genuine, long term relationship with all our candidates. in terms of service delivery: the ethos is the same and is focussed on these core values:


  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Honesty
  • Frankness
  • Fairness
  • Success