Tier 1 Procurement


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We offer tailored solutions to each client because we believe one size does not fit all. 

Depending on the level of engagement and urgency, we can recommend the best process for you in line with your budget.

Options Include:

  • Consulting


    In-House Recruitment

    If you prefer to run your own recruitment process or already have a list of candidates in mind for a role, Tier 1 Procurement can assist with Ad Response Management, Screening, Interviewing, Reference Checking, Talent Pooling, Job Description Development and Research.  These services are charged on an hourly rate basis and can be useful during periods of high demand.


    Advisory Package

    Tier 1 Procurement can provide a screening service for all job applications as well as provide five shortlisted candidates which the client can pursue directly.  This suits clients with a lower budget for external recruitment but with an urgent requirement.  Your internal recruitment team can then benefit from our networks, knowledge and matching skills, for a massively reduced fee.  You will see your recruitment time cycle at least halved and access more high calibre "passive" talent.  If you do not fill the position, we will not charge you, thus sharing the risk. 


    Outplacement/Career Advisory Services

    Tier 1 Procurement in partnership with Deliberate Practice have designed a career transition package specific to Procurement professionals. This bespoke offering is very competitive and provides a valuable service to help your redundant staff move forward in their careers with confidence. 

  • Interim


    Temporary or fixed employment recruitment. Typically assignments would be for transformations, projects, peaks in demand, holiday cover, start-up, advisory projects or remediation situations. Interim is a favourable solution if you want to keep a low fixed headcount or prefer an independent external approach to a situation or project.  Tier 1 Procurement has a global network of tried and tested (and referenced) professionals we can mobilise at short notice, providing peace of mind.

  • Permanent


    Contingent Search

    Non-exclusive recruitment process where the clients' preference is to use multiple agencies and compete for supply.


    Retained Search

    Exclusive recruitment process with a fee payable up front. This is recommended for senior assignments sourcing from multiple geographies and often (but not always) where the company identity must remain confidential.


    Exclusive Contingent

    A recruitment process with no up-front fee but payable only on successful fulfilment. This suits clients who do not have a budget to pay up front but prefer one agency to take control of the process, avoiding multiple contacts, briefings and duplicate representations.