Tier 1 Procurement


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We are nurturing the procurement profession through a series of programs designed to add value beyond our recruitment services.


  • Internship Program


    Tier 1 Procurement have established close links with The University of Melbourne and RMIT to develop an ongoing pool of Undergraduate and Graduate Talent for placement into work experience or first jobs for no recruitment fees.  Please contact info@tier1procurement if you are interested in any of our programs.

  • Mentoring Program


    Tier 1 Procurement can match Mentors to candidates at all levels including CPO.  This is an informal program and the matched parties can invest as little or as much time as they can allow.  This is a free of charge service available to anyone however the Mentors will choose their Mentees and so not everyone can obtain a Mentoring relationship.  We aim to assist all parties interested in the program.

  • Charity Program


    Tier 1 Procurement rewards any successful referrals with a $1,000 charity donation.  The person referring the candidate gets to choose the charity they would like the money sent to.